Storytelling through any creative mean has always attracted Aliyah Musaliar, whether that be through visual arts or audio production. She is fascinated with the ability for people to outline and recreate emotions to share with others, whether that be through paint strokes or the mixing of tape. Aliyah plans to enter the legal field in order Ramya Arumilli, Ashley Duong, and Alice Zhang created a chapter of Period: The Menstrual Movement at Kamiak High School. The three work to make period products available in their school's bathrooms through petitions, letters to newspapers, and open conversations. Period @ Kamiak does work in education, advocacy, and policy with donating period packs to homeless women Tiya Proctor-Floyd is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School in Federal Way, Washington. She is passionate about using writing to make people stop and think about what she has to say – essentially using the power of writing for social justice. She is currently working on a full-length novel. In addition, she is heavily involved

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