Deepthi Chandra is the Executive Director of EclipsNotes and an avid student at North Creek High School. She is the Executive Organizer of TEDxYouth@NorthCreek, a group that brings the community together to consider society from all angles and contemplate the questions that need to be asked. Further, she satisfies her own curiosity through organizations including Science Olympiad and DECA. Deepthi is passionate about leading technology-based initiatives and community events to encourage curiosity and academic success among her fellow students, especially those that are unsatisfied with the current educational system. She believes we all are students of life, and that there is so much growth potential when one approaches every challenge as a learning opportunity. By founding EclipsNotes, she hopes to help high school students share videos teaching topics they are passionate about. This fosters a community bond between “teachers” and “learners” in the teenage demographic without the negativity and hate present on conventional video-sharing platforms. In short, Deepthi maintains that sometimes you need to teach before learning effectively since just being a student means you lose half the perspective on this vital teacher-student relationship.